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• 10/18/2018

My one problem

I love Hemlock Grove. I am on season two now. My only problem with it is that Roman and Peter are never a couple. What the he-heck? They are purfect together! Roman and Peter forever!

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• 8/16/2018


Love hemlock grove! I came from watching The Vampier Diaries to The Originals now on to hemlock! I can’t get enough !!
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• 7/7/2018

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• 6/27/2016

Netflix Wikias

Hello. I'd like to talk to someone responsible for that banner "NETFLIX Wikias". We would like to join in the banner, through Between Wiki - between.wikia.com, about Between a Netflix original series. Thank you. @ohsnapitzma
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• 6/9/2016

is that alan ruck in season 3?

just catching up on season 3. is that alan ruck starring in it now?
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• 3/6/2016

Free Online TV

I found a really cool online news site that streams different news channels from around the world at http://pelicansbay.com/
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• 12/24/2015

Fearless Diva Productions Wikia

Hey guys! First of all, happy holidays! :) I bring to you a gift of sorts in the form of the 6th episode of Inferno's successful 1st season! It's called The Things You Can't Outrun   ” which is one of two Eric centric episodes, where we really dive into his backstory. The episode was primarily written by Jay and had Erik (and I) as creative consultants. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it! Please don't hesitate to drop by the episode's page and review! I cannot wait to see what you all have to say! Thank you so much for your dedication! <3

You can also check out the character pages, pages giving more in depth information about the various supernatural creatures in this universe we've created by simply going to my own wiki aptly titled:Fearless Diva Productions(http://fearlessdivaproductions.wikia.com/wiki/Fearless_Diva_Productions_Wiki). Don't be shy and check them out please! Once your done reading, I'd appreciate if you reviewed the chapter!:) Thanks a bunch! Haven't read Inferno yet? Well you can start from the beginning and get all caught up now!
As well as the series premieres of Horrifically Wicked Tales(http://fearlessdivaproductions.wikia.com/wiki/Horrifically_Wicked_Tales) and Bloodlines(http://fearlessdivaproductions.wikia.com/wiki/Bloodlines), an Inferno spin-off have also become available! The Series premiere for Horrifically Wicked Tales: Hive Academy is aptly titled Ding! Dong! The Bitch is Dead!(http://fearlessdivaproductions.wikia.com/wiki/Ding!_Dong!_The_Bitch_Is_Dead!) and Bad Blood(http://fearlessdivaproductions.wikia.com/wiki/Bad_Blood) is the title for the series premiere of Bloodlines. As you can see lot's to read that you won't be bored!

P.S.: Like others before me, how I got started was I had an idea for an original series and asked the helped of my fellow wikians by auditioning characters. By clicking on the link below, it will take you to the blog entry I have on here that explains the concept more and you are all free to audition characters.
Please show the wikia and my series some love by checking it out, helping out with editing it and reviewing it! <3
As you all know I have my own wikia:Fearless Diva Productions where we are posting original stories. Right now it's mostly Inferno stuff, but I am happy to report that we now also have Jay's popular series: Handsome Little Liars also being showcased on my wikia along with Horrifically Wicked Tales: HIVE Academy and Inferno's spin-off Bloodlines.;) So be on the look out for that!
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• 10/29/2015

There's so much I don't understand! Is it just me?

For instance: What is the liquid drug that Olivia uses?
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• 11/7/2014

Very trivial question though.... does anyone kindly watch this episode again and share your thoughts with me?

Episode #7, Season 1, almost ending, right before the scene Norman got to knew that Marie was pregnant, he was talking to Olivia about his life and said... "My whole life I’ve tried to live a certain way. I have a name and it meant something. I met a girl and that meant something. I tried to do right by it all  be a good man, take a hard path over the easy. I’m not a good man."  I don't understand what he meant by "I met a girl and that meant something."  Which girl he is talking about here.  I guess Olivia doesn't look like " a girl".  His wife, Marie?? Or was there anyone else that I missed????  Please help me understand!!!  Thank you!
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• 8/9/2014

Happy Birthday Bill Skarsgard!!!!

Just figured someone had to say it!
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• 7/25/2014
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