Ashley Valentine
Ashley Valentine
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Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, United States of America





Relationship Information
  • Unknown
Character Information
Portrayed By

Emily Piggford



First Appearance

The Angel

Last Appearance

What Peter Can Live Without

You are ugly, Roman. Looking for a monster? Try looking in the coke mirror.
— Ashley to Roman [src]

Ashley Valentine is a student at Hemlock Grove High School.

Season 1Edit

The Angel: Ashley is first seen at the school's costume dance. She then ask Roman to dance with her but after he reject her she called him a sociopath and walks away.

Measure of Disorder: Roman shows up in the yard of Ashley's home while in the rain. Ashley then brings him inside. And after she kindly brings him in out of the cold and the rain, an initially consensual sexual encounter turns into him proceeding to rape her. After the attack, he uses his mesmerizing to make her forget it ever happened or that he was ever there.

Catabasis: Ashley was briefly seen in Roman's dream world nude whispering “You are ugly, Roman. Looking for a monster? Try looking in the coke mirror. "The camera zooms in to Ashley’s hand grabbing Roman’s package"

What Peter Can Live Without: At school, Letha is walking down the hallways when Ashley Valentine comes up to her with a Get Well card for Roman. She says that can’t remember the last time she talked to him and she’s afraid that she was a bitch to him for no good reason.


Ashley is a very kind girl who would help her friend or someone she didn't know quite well but she also did not have a problem with telling people how it is.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ashley is a slim girl with long black hair and brown eyes.


  • Roman Godfrey: Ashley had feelings for Roman like a "school girl crush". One night when she found Roman in the rain she took him inside and attempted to help him. They than begin to have a sexual encounter but Ashley decied to stop but Roman wouldn't which lead to her being rape but was mesmerized to forget.