Brooke Bluebell
Brooke Bluebell1
Biographical Information

1996 (Age 17)


Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, United States of America







Killed By

Christina Wendall/Vargulf

Character Information
Portrayed By

Lorenza Izzo



Brooke Bluebell was a cheerleader at Penrose High School. She had the unfortunate luck of being the first teenage girl murdered in the town of Hemlock Grove in Season 1.

In the first episode of the first season of Hemlock Groves opens with a young girl named Brooke Bluebell. On her way to meet up with her teacher, she gets mauled by a werewolf and meets a gruesome death.

Season OneEdit

Brooke appears in the first episode leading a group of children in a cheer routine. She looks up to see Roman Godfrey watching her joyously interact with girls.

Brooke Bluebell

Brooke hiding in a miniature house.

Brooke next appears in a science classroom, eyeing her teacher, Mrs. Banks, with a look of infatuation. After the class ends she starts a seemingly innocent banter with the teacher about the book that Mrs. Banks wrote and allowed her to read. Giving Brooke the book, Mrs. Banks writes a message which makes it apparent that the two are having an affair.

Later, while going to meet Mrs. Banks, Brooke is stopped by a train. As she is replying to a text, something attacks her car and she escapes into the woods, coming to Kilderry Park. Terrified, and hiding in a toy house, her attacker finally reaches her mauls her to death. During the attack, her phone calls Mrs. Banks and she is able to hear the last seconds of Brooke’s life.


Since she was killed early, not much is known about Brooke. However, due to the amount of people who mourn her death it appears she is well liked. Since Shelley Godfrey is among the mourners, it can be assumed that she was one of the few who showed Shelley compassion and was deemed a friend. Brooke also seemed to enjoy spending time with children, as she has a photo of her young cheerleaders as her screensaver on her phone. From pictures shown on her social media account, it appears that like most teenagers Brooke enjoyed spending time with friends and partying, as well as hiking. She appears to have been happy with her life.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Brooke was a thin girl who had long black wavy hair with pink lips and brown eyes.


Roman GodfreyEdit

Although the two were not close, Brooke is grieved by Roman Godfrey due to their acquaintanceship. She has a photo with Roman on her social media account and when she first appears, Roman greets her from across the school's campus. They appear to be distant pals, but liked one another all the same.

Mrs. BanksEdit

Perhaps her most significant relation was that with her science teacher, Mrs. Banks, nicknamed Banksy. The two had a secret romantic relationship, which appears to have been an ongoing thing. Based on her reactions towards the teacher, Brooke may have been in love, or at least infatuated, with Mrs. Banks.