Letha Godfrey
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Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, United States








Massive Postpartum Embolism/Childbirth

Killed By

Nadia Godfrey (indirectly)

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Penelope Mitchell



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Jellyfish in the Sky

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Gone Sis (archival footage)

How is it possible to miss someone so much after one day?
— Letha to Peter [src]

Letha Godfrey was the daughter of Norman and Marie Godfrey and an heir to The Godfrey Institute. She was also the half-sister/cousin of Roman Godfrey due to her father's affair with Olivia Godfrey. Olivia later mesmerised Roman into raping Letha, which resulting in a child Nadia. Although she was pregnant at the time, Letha began a sexual relationship with a Romani boy named Peter Rumancek. They fell in love with each other Peter was ready to be a father to Letha's baby until Letha had died during childbirth.

Early LifeEdit

During some time in the summer Letha had thought to have been visited by an angel, and that the angel had impregnated her, therefore, Letha had begun to do research about angels. Letha was also the ex-girlfriend of Tyler Lane, for whom she still had feelings. Since they were kids, Letha has been good friends with both Roman and Shelley Godfrey.

Season OneEdit

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Letha hanging out with her cousin Roman.

  • Jellyfish in the Sky - Letha is first seen with her mother and father about to have a sushi dinner with her family. Letha receives a call from Roman telling her that Olivia has rented out an entire carnival for her son him. He invites his cousin, Letha Godfrey to hang out with him there for the day where they have lots of fun.


Letha and Marie telling Norman that Letha is pregnant.

  • The Angel - We briefly see Letha in a creepy dream sequence, where she’s approached by a shadowy figure with angel wings. The next day while Letha's father Norman is working in the living room, his wife Marie Godfrey and Letha come in. Marie has a positive pregnancy test in her hand and says "Your daughter's pregnant". Norman goes silent and Letha rushes over to comfort him. Later that day Roman picks Letha up at her house to go to a costume party at their high school, and then spends a good chunk of time glaring as his cousin talks with ex-boyfriend Tyler instead of him. The dance ends early and everyone is evacuated when Roman releases a snake into the school. Roman and Letha drive off, a smirk on Roman’s face. On the drive home, Letha is forced to tell Roman that she’s pregnant when he won’t stop pestering her to drink alcohol and he becomes upset. When she tells him that the father was literally an angel, he doesn't really look like he believes her, but for the sake of their relationship, doesn't question her. The cousins share a moment as they hold hands in the moonlight before getting back in the car and continuing home. Then, a man comes out of nowhere, rolling around in the dirt, and raving about seeing things. Roman calls for help as Letha bends down to comfort the man, who seems to be calmed by her voice. He tries to tell her about Ouroboros, but when the man sees Roman’s face he starts screaming again.

  • The Order of the Dragon - Roman calls his cousin Letha, but she doesn't have time to talk because she’s at the gynecologist finding out her baby’s due date.

  • In Poor Taste - Letha is having a flowery sex dream about Peter while on the bus on the way to school. She wakes up and gives out a sexual moan. Everybody on the bus takes notice and start to laugh, besides Peter who just looks at her. After school, Roman offers to give Letha a ride home. She and Peter officially meet. Letha looks a little nervous, most likely because she’d been having sex dreams about him. During the car ride, Roman asks Letha to see if she can get details from her father about Pullman. She's suspicious of Peter and Roman’s motives for asking that of her, but agrees.


Letha talking to Peter about Roman.

  • Hello, Handsome - Letha’s has gotten over the shy phase she was going through. She approaches Peter during lunch, and they flirt over drinks and a box of snacks. Letha asks Peter to take care of Roman. She explains that Roman doesn't have many friends, and needs someone there to keep him from doing something stupid. She also tells Peter more about the infamous Olivia Godfrey, particularly the story of when she and her husband, J.R., first met. J.R. had been in Europe touring bio-medical facilities when he fell in love with Olivia and brought her back with him to Hemlock Grove. As they’re talking, Peter roots around in his box of snacks to find the prize; a plastic ring shaped like a snake eating its own tail. Peter slides the ring onto a smiling Letha’s finger… and the camera zooms into Roman’s scowling face. Later that night while attending the 20-year anniversary gala for the Institute, Letha, feeling overwhelmed by her pregnancy, throws up in the middle of the hall and has to be taken home by her mother.

  • Measure of Disorder - Once Norman's done getting ready and leaves the house, Letha sneaks into her father’s office to look for J.R.'s suicide note, continuing with the detective work she’s been doing at Peter’s behest. The letter she finds is addressed to Norman, and among other very dark and serious things, reads, "Do not let her destroy you." Letha approaches Peter on the school bus to show him her uncle’s suicide letter, to tell him about Pullman’s death, and to ask about Roman. She ends up going back to Peter’s place, where they awkwardly hang out before hooking up.

  • Catabasis - Letha and Marie are sitting in the living room quietly together when Letha begins to ask questions about Norman's brother J.R.. Marie tells Letha that speaking about J.R. is not easy for Norman, she's tried herself. Marie and Letha bond when Letha puts on Norman's glasses and start to do impersonations of him and they both begin to laugh. Norman comes home and shares in the laughter with his wife and daughter. The three are having a cute family moment, until it is interrupted by Olivia who calls to tell Norman and his family that Roman is in a coma. Letha and Norman rush to the Godfrey Mansion to find Roman lying still in a hospital bed. Later, at school, Letha tells Peter about Roman's tragic condition, but he acts as if he doesn't care. So, she is surprised and confused to see Peter walking away from the Godfrey estate that night when she arrives to visit Roman. The two look at each other awakwardly, then go sit together on the grass, hopelessy in love, unaware that Dr. Chasseur is watching them. Feelings build and Peter takes Letha back to his place, where they have amazing sex.


Letha, Peter, Norman and Marie having dinner.

  • What Peter Can Live Without - At Peter’s trailer, Peter and Letha are continuing their secret affair/relationship. They talk about the likelihood of Roman coming out of his coma, and Peter tells a story about fairies, later realized as a metaphor for Peter’s fear of being trapped in a cage. Later at home, Letha's parents discover her relationship with Peter and Norman agress to have a talk with her. Norman tells Letha that she shouldn't be ashamed and that sex isn't a bad thing, but that she shouldn't hide it or lie to her parents about it. Letha tells her dad that she’s in love with Peter, and that people speak badly of him only because they’re insecure and afraid similar to how people treat her cousin, Shelley. At school, Letha is walking down the hallways when Ashley Valentine comes up to her with a Get Well card for Roman. She can’t remember the last time she talked to him, Ashley tells a bemused Letha, and she’s afraid that she was a bitch to him for no good reason. After that run in, Letha meets up with Peter and invites him to dinner at her house so he can meet her parents. That night, the four have a very awkward dinner. An attempt to tell the story of how they met sends Marie and Norman into a fight. Marie leaves the table, and Norman invites Peter to have a drink with him ,(not a trick, Norman says) and he accepts. The next day at Hemlock Grove High School, Peter is attacked by a group of "assholes". Knocking him to the ground, they relentlessly kick and punch him until Letha runs up and the "assholes" take off. Olivia shows up and gives Peter and Letha a ride to her house. They spend the rest of the day hanging out at the Godfrey mansion, spending time with Shelley, as Peter recuperates. Peter, with tears in his eyes, asks Letha to promise she’s going to stay safe as he goes to hunt the vargulf. Letha is angry. She wants him to understand that this isn't some game where he and Roman are playing warriors. She says that this is real life, that someone’s going to get hurt or die, and that she’s afraid it’s going to be him. Then she tells him she wants to come with him. Peter is frustrated and snaps at her, hoping that if she is mad at him, she'll stay away and stay safe. He is very harsh, and it appears as though he is breaking things off with her.

Letha and Peter

Letha and Peter reconcile their love.

  • The Price - Letha walks into the kitchen of the Godfrey Mansion to find Peter eating a very rare steak. They both stare awkwardly at each other. The last time they spoke, some really cruel things were said. After a moment, Letha leaps into Peter’s arms, glad that he’s still alive. They kind of apologize to each other and all seems to be forgiven. Their happy reunion is interrupted when two cops storm in and chase Peter and Letha around the house before holding the two of them at gunpoint. When Letha asks Peter why the police think Peter killed all those girls, his A+ perfect response is "Cops don’t think." One cop shoves Letha away from Peter before roughly handcuffing the teenage boy as the other cop continues to aim his gun steadily at Letha’s head. When Letha protests a cop hits her so hard she falls to the ground threatening to snap Peter’s neck right in front of her if she tries that again. Shelley Godfrey walks in, then, having been startled by all the noise going on downstairs. She curls up in terror at the scene before her, especially when the second cop turns his gun on Shelley for absolutely no reason. As though he’d sensed his sister’s distress, Roman appears and uses his mesmerizing ability to diffuse the situation. He tells them to punch themselves in the face hard enough to break their own noses. The three then go to the Godfrey Chapel as a safe place for Peter. After Peter is settled in, though Letha is apprehensive about it, they leave him.

Hemlock -grove 12312

Letha, Peter and Roman discover Christina is the vargulf.

  • Children of the Night - Letha is at home making a cup of tea when white-haired Christina pops up out of nowhere. Sweet, kind-hearted, darling Letha immediately brings her in out of the cold. Christina is acting odd, making sure Norman wasn't home before entering the house, and doesn't want anyone to know where she is. As Letha turns to make a cup of tea for her guest, Christina smirks behind her back and mutters "Stupid fucking bitch" under her breath. Letha (who didn't hear the statement) asks Christina why she left the hospital, and Christina tells her it wasn't safe there, that “it” was coming for her, and that she wants to warn Letha that it’s coming after her as well. Roman gets a call from Letha, asking for his help though she doesn't tell him that it’s concerning Christina. When Peter hears that Letha needs help with something, he tells Roman he’s coming with, even if it means hiding in the trunk of Roman’s car. Letha, Christina, Peter and Roman go back to the abandoned church for shelter. While get ready for the vargulf's attack Christina reveals that she was the Vargulf all along and that she went to Letha's house to try and kill her. Christina then starts turning into the vargulf. Roman holding back Letha, who’s freaking out because she doesn't want Peter to die. Peter who backs slowly away then slathers bacon grease onto his face. Roman holds back a screaming Letha as Peter approaches the wolf. Who then savages his face off. Letha runs off, smashing at the locked church doors with her fists, as Roman holds onto his axe and faces off with the wolf.

Letha's dead

Letha being carried by Norman after her death.

  • Birth - Letha is still struggling with the church doors as Roman faces off with wolf Christina. Just when things are starting to look very bad for both Roman and Letha, Peter comes back his werewolf form. Christina’s desire for destruction seems to be even stronger than Peter’s desire to protect his friends and Christina ends up biting into Peter’s neck. As she turns back around to growl menacingly at a shocked Letha and Roman, quickly thumping footsteps behind her reveal the amazing Shelley Godfrey. She pulls Christina away from her family members and then snaps the wolf’s neck. After Shelley was shot by the Sheriff and ran off Letha hurry to Peter's side who is badly hurt. Letha holds him as he whines in pain. Peter turns back into a very alive human, with his face pretty much intact and Letha is overjoyed to see that he’s okay. Letha and Peter return to his cousin Destiny’s apartment, where Lynda is waiting for them. As Peter goes to get some much-needed sleep. Lynda tells Letha is was her love that brought Peter back from the dead, and they embrace. Norman is waiting in his car outside for Letha and listening to a radio broadcast. Norman switches the radio off when Letha gets into the car. He then tells his daughter that he, Olivia, and the Sheriff have arranged a specific story about the killings to protect “the ones that are still here” , Letha and Roman now have to pretend they were never there, and buy into the whole thing about Shelley being a murderer. Letha agrees, knowing that’s the only way to protect Peter because the town needs a villain to pin everything on, and because the people will believe whatever the Godfreys say. Later on, Christina’s given a funeral in the cemetery which Letha and Norman attend in order to keep up appearances. In the middle of the service, Letha leaves to go check up on Roman as Norman sidles up to Sheriff Sworn to offer his condolences.  Peter's phone rings telling him that Letha’s having her baby. Peter is excited and he and Roman immediately rush off to meet her at the hospital.  Letha is however having compilations and all available staff rush to her aid, but it’s too late – Letha and her baby are dead, and Norman, Roman, and Peter are absolutely destroyed. Norman pulls her lifeless body off the operating table and brings her to Dr. Pryce, begging him to save her, to bring her back the way he brought back Shelley. Pryce regretfully tells Norman that that’s impossible because she’s too old he can only bring back the bodies of babies. Norman collapses onto the floor in his grief.


Letha Godfrey was very caring and protective of others. She's sweet and compassionate. Letha is a delicate and virtuous person who's going through a lot of emotion to do with her spirituality, her family and her sexuality. She even took care of Christina Wendall when Christina left the mental institute, even though Christina had come to kill her. Letha also showed signs of being spiritual, as she was reading a book on angels before her death and believed she had been impregnated by one. Towards the end of the last season, Letha had grown from a young, flighty teenage girl, to someone who was actually deserving of the Godfrey name. She had become strong-willed, and would do anything to protect those she loved. This, among other reasons, is why she was supposedly murdered during childbirth at the Godfrey Institute. She stood between the murder(s) and her baby.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Letha is a beautiful girl who was about 17 at the time. She had long straight blonde hair and fair skin with a round face, dimple chin and bluish-greenish eyes. She is of average height, at least 5’8 with bright blue eyes and a usually kind and joyful expression.



  • Norman Godfrey: Letha's father. They share a close relationship; she seems to be closer to her father than to her mother Marie. When she passes away, he is seen desperately begging Dr. Johann Pryce to revive his daughter.

  • Peter Rumancek: At first Letha fantasizes of being with Peter while on the school bus. They start off as friends which develops into a relationship and they begin dating. Peter and Letha fall deeply in love with each other, and Peter becomes attached to Letha's unborn daughter. In the last episode, after Letha brings Peter to his mother and cousin, his mother tells Letha that the reason Peter was able to come back alive and save her from the vargulf (Christina), was because her love brought him back to her. When Letha is having her baby, she calls Peter and he rushes over to the Godfrey Medical Center in order to be at her side. After Letha dies during childbirth (she is assumed to have been murdered), Peter falls apart.

  • Roman Godfrey: Letha's cousin/half-brother, with whom she shares a close relationship. It's later revealed that Roman impregnated her and is the father of her child. Roman is devastated at her death.


  • Letha is a feminine name of Greek origin. The name Letha has a meaning of "forgetfulness." In Greek mythology, it is the name of a river in Hades that causes the dead to forget their lives on earth.
  • Godfrey, Letha's surname is of Anglo-Saxon or Irish origin along with being from the Germanic name Godafrid, which meant "Peace of God" from the Germanic elements God and frid "Peace".


"I think it's time to go home. " - Letha says to Roman


  • Letha sometimes calls Roman "Rom".