Function To glow when feeling strong emotions.

Bioluminescence is the ability to make your body glow.


Shelley is the only person to be seen to have this ability (some species of shrimp have it too). It is believed that she gained this power through the experiments that was put on her by Dr. Johann Pryce. When Shelley feels strong emotions sometimes parts of her face begin to glow. Sometimes when someone touches Shelley's face the place they touch would glow as well. In Roman's subconscious when her meet a non-deformed Shelley her whole body was able to glow a bright blue. Shelley is unable to control this ability because she is unable to control her emotions. When Shelley was a baby in her crib she needed a device to help her breathe and each time she would take in a breathe her body would glow. Chocolategod: This gives meaning to Dr. Johann Pryce referring to Shelley as "Glowworm".

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