Miranda being hunted

Miranda about to be ran off the road.

  • Gone Sis - Miranda is first seen driving down a road at night. She checks the messages on her phone shortly afterwards she’s run off the road by a truck smashing into her car by an unknown attacker. She escapes, but not unscathed, and happens that the nearest place is Roman's House from which she can get help is Roman Godfrey’s. She pleads for him to not call the cops because she doesn't have insurance and he lets her in the house to call a towing company. Roman keeps putting off giant creeper vibes, which obviously freaks Miranda out. Later at the Mechanic shop Miranda checks on her car where she meets Peter who tells her she’s out $3200 for repairs. Miranda is devastated. Peter offers to look into used parts for her to lower the price. As they search for the parts, the two of them bond as Peter opens up about his past with his mother. Peter drives Miranda back to Roman’s house and stares in shock as he realizes who she’s staying with. He offers to let her crash at Destiny’s place, but Miranda doesn't take him up on the offer, and Peter probably doesn't know how to insist without coming off as weird. Miranda teases Peter with a "What’s he gonna do, eat me?". Miranda is getting ready to leave for the hotel room she just booked. She thanks Roman for helping her out and says she’ll look him up if she every becomes a rich and famous author. Roman calls Miranda out on lying about having a place to go, and offers to let her stay with him which she accepts after a little debate. They then do dinner by candlelight, where Miranda tells him she decided to go on a road trip to California to escape a bad breakup. Later, Roman introduces Miranda to his horse and tries to come on to her, but Miranda rejects his advances. Miranda then goes to take a shower where we see Roman spying on her.

  • Luna Rea - Miranda is still staying at Roman’s place when Peter calls her to let her know about a cheaper car part he found for her and they make plans to get the part together. On the drive there, Peter gets a call from his mother in jail. He comforts Lynda, telling her he’ll find her the best lawyer in the country and that he loves and misses her. After getting the car part, Peter takes Miranda back to his place for a tarot reading with Destiny, but when Destiny isn't there, she and Peter hook up instead.

Miranda Nadia 3

Miranda is caught by Roman breastfeeding Nadia.

  • Bodily Fluids - As Roman's phone call ends, Miranda tries to sneak back into the house after her big night out. Roman sees her, of course, and their polite conversation is interrupted when Roman starts honing in on Miranda’s heartbeat and the rush of her blood, freaks out, and runs. Later Miranda is getting curious about the mysterious door everyone keeps going into but never talks about. That, seeing a baby’s blanket in the laundry room, and suddenly lactating when she’s apparently never given birth, ends up convincing her to try her hand at breaking into the room. She manages to get inside and sees Roman’s baby stop its incessant crying to giggle at her. Roman arrives home to find Miranda’s bags thrown on the stairs and the door to his soundproof baby room ajar. He enters and sees Miranda breastfeeding the baby, confusion and shock on her face.

  • Hemlock Diego's Policy Player's Dream Book - After discovering and breastfeeding the baby, Miranda has a few very good questions for Roman. Instead of answering them, he starts ripping her throat out and showering them both in her blood. It’s quickly revealed to be a fantasy and Miranda is perfectly fine. Roman finally realizes how dire his situation and decides to call Pryce for help. He tries to rush out of the house as Miranda keeps up her questioning, and ends up grudgingly giving her the number for his family doctor so she can get her spontaneous lactation problem checked out. Miranda is with the doctor Roman recommended. The man assures her there’s nothing wrong, and that she’s lactating because her body thinks it’s pregnant because of the baby she’s been hanging around.Miranda’s spontaneous lactation happens again, and again she goes into the super secret baby room to cuddle that poor, sweet, neglected child. When Roman gets home, Miranda casually mentions that she told the doctor about Roman’s baby. Roman freaks out and makes her promise not to tell anyone else. To get her to stop asking questions, Roman also tells her the reason he’s keeping the baby secret is because there’s a history of abuse in his family. "Her grandmother is dangerous,” says Roman. Miranda comforts Roman by telling him he’s doing the best he can and they end up having sex.

  • Such Dire Stuff - Andreas and Destiny throw a party, but Peter’s not in the mood for partying, at least not until Miranda shows up looking for him and ends up joining in. Once the party dies down, she and Peter bond over her family past she was kicked out of the house at 16 before Peter tells her her car is finally ready. Miranda tells him she’s leaving in the morning, but she wants to spend the night with him. Miranda is about to leave in the morning when Destiny stops her and calls Miranda out on what Destiny believes is a gift. It seems like Destiny is fine with Miranda conning money out of rich boy Roman, but not when the con involves breaking Peter’s heart. Surprisingly, Miranda arrives back home safe and sound with the baby to find Peter and Roman together. Miranda puts the baby down for her nap while Roman and Peter have a heart to heart and they end up reconciling. Miranda joins in the conversation saying that she cares for the about the both of them also she’s staying in Hemlock Grove and suggesting a threesome. She then goes upstairs followed by Peter and Roman who have decied to go through with it.


Destiny see visions by touching Miranda.

  • Lost Generation - Miranda has a freaky black and white dream involving another mass family murder and the White Mask Cult possibly because the sex transfer Roman and Peter’s still unexplained shared dream power to her. Peter and Roman share an awkward non-conversation about last night over coffee. When Miranda skips into the room, it’s clear she doesn't share in the awkwardness, in fact she’s downright bubbly even despite the messed up dream. She recounts the details to a surprised Roman and Peter, who rush off to discuss. Over at home, Destiny drops by for a surprise visit to see Miranda. They argue, as before, but when Miranda tries to shove Destiny out, Destiny gets a vision of snakes, blood, children with spikes coming out of their chins, and other horrible things. Destiny warns Miranda of the danger, but Miranda, freaked out by the visions, tells herself it’s another one of Destiny’s attempts to get her to leave Peter alone. Later after Destiny left Peter tries to get more information about the dream Miranda had. Miranda gets suspicious and asks what’s going on, but Roman comes back home before she can tell him. Peter goes to check on Roman, who seems to be more messed up than usual after his treatment and together they figure out the little boy in Miranda’s dream is on Hemlock Grove’s Little League team. They leave the house and Miranda behind to continue their investigation. Miranda however followes them to find Roman and Peter has killed two people with Peter covered in blood leaving her shocked. Miranda is next seen kidnapping baby Nadia and putting her into a box in lieu of a baby carseat and taking her away from what Miranda probably sees as two crazy serial killers.

Episode 21

Miranda with Peter and Roman about the drown Destiny.

  • Unicorn - Miranda arrives at a diner with a crying Nadia and struggles inside – and the doctor she visits bustles up to be helpful and awesome and offer great advice and generally be the best doctor ever. She leaves very quickly and she goes to Destiny’s who then calls Peter and Roman. Miranda has to absorb the big reveal of Upir and Werewolf and Peter even speaks in defense of Roman. Destiny still threatens Roman with a knife for going near Nadia what with the whole double murder and dream following. Miranda backs them up with the murder dream prediction. Destiny reluctantly agrees to help. Which means another prediction in the bathroom, this time involving drowning Destiny in ice water. All three of them holding her under, though Miranda is obviously a little perturbed by this. She gets a full vision of the masked people’s lair and that they are hunting down kids born with cauls. She also sees the face of the man he somehow senses her and when he stands up she is pushed from the vision. She tells them they’re looking for a specific child and are willing to kill all of these kids with cauls to get the right one. Which includes Nadia who was born with a caul.

  • Tintypes - Miranda is with Nadia who spells her own name with blocks (even though she is too young to be able to do that). Miranda then goes into the living room to Destiny and Peter and a person who could help Peter with his vargulfism. At which point the butler gets pissed off at all the congregating in Roman’s home and starts ranting, only to be shot by the cultist hunters. Miranda and Destiny run to the baby's safe room while Peter tries to fight them off alone until Roman has finally arrived and starts killing the masked cultist along side Peter. While Destiny is being attacked Peter shifts (without the full moon) turning him into a Vargulf. The cultist leader gets in the safe room and Miranda is unable to stop him. So Nadia stares at him and makes him bleed out through his eyeballs. Destiny backs into the room with the vargulf Peter growling and following her. Roman steps between the women and the wolf and tries to mesmerize him, however Peter resists it. That doesn’t work so Roman rips the wolf in half and pulls Peter out from its bloody carcass saving them all.

Miranda Jumps

Miranda jumps off the roof of The Godfrey Institute. with Nadia

  • Demons and the Dogstar - Miranda and Destiny are cleaning up the blood of the cultist as Peter and Roman dispose of their bodies. She then mentions the baby’s dead stare but no one believes her. Miranda then says she hates them all for pulling her into the murder world. Destiny tries to calm the moment by pointing out they’re all alive. Miranda isn't reassured, she’s surrounded by monsters and being hunted by killers Destiny seems pretty impatient and Roman’s reassurance rings very hollow. Peter appeals to her being needed and they put her on the sofa with a drink to settle her down. Everyone leaves except Miranda and Anna, the maid – and Miranda offers to comfort Anna, who still hates her. Then Miranda starts lactating blood. Destiny returns to Roman to find Miranda has gone to the doctor. Miranda goes to the doctor he explains everything away as just fine. Until he starts explaining more and makes it clear something sinister is up. Earlier in the season, Miranda mentioned selling blood to get by and that blood sample allowed the doctor to get her DNA and decide she was just what Nadia needed. He was the one who arranged the road crash that got Miranda to Roman’s. He plans to leave with Nadia and Miranda. Olivia arrives and starts to fight him off. As they fight Miranda grabs the baby and runs into Anna outside. Anna, who blames Miranda for everything. Nadia turns her death gaze on Anna and Olivia kills the doctor. Miranda calls Roman to tell him all about everything including that she thinks Nadia is the source of the dreams. At the White Tower Nadia amuses herself exploding monkeys, which makes Miranda rather stressed and goes off somewhere. Miranda is heading to the roof and Roman and Peter use dream vision to guide them with Destiny to the roof as well. Miranda blames herself and her demon milk for changing Nadia into a monster. Miranda starts bleeding from her eyes as she steps to the edge. She tells Nadia she’s going to see her real mother – then jumps off the edge holding the baby. As she falls she releases the baby. And both of them are caught by an unknown flying creature that looks like Dr. Arnold Spivak who then flies away with her and Nadia.