Potion Making
Making Potions
Function To brew potions.

Potion Making is to create or brew potions that have magical properties.


Witches use this to help them with their spells and rituals.

Known PotionsEdit

Destiny created a potion that she used to break Lynda out of prison. The only known ingredients of this potion is frog saliva and mushrooms. This potion is like a fog and can also be transferred through the hands when it is activated this causes it's victims to hallucinate tiny insects to be crawling on one's face.

When trying to find the identity of the Vargulf Destiny created a potion to summon the soul of one of its victims into her body. Destiny put a maggot inside a jar of Lisa's guts. After it had sit there over night it had risen until it overflowed Destiny then took out the maggot and ate it.

Known UsersEdit