Function To foresee the future.

Precognition is the power to foresee the future.


The user can get a glimpse into the future by channeling their energy with another. When the witch uses this power they do not see the exact future but images that are supposed to interpreted. To someone who is trained they can easily know what that images mean. It would appear that Roman and Peter can experience visions in their dreams, that tells them of threats they must faces together, as they have only half the same visions, revealing that they must combine the vision to solve the problem. It is possible that they experience visions due to both being related to witches, Peters relation being that he comes from a Gypsy heritage and Romans relation being that Upirs are said to be 1/4 witch if they are Half Upir or the spawn of a demon and a witch if they are full Upir.

Known UsersEdit