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  • Taken off life support. (1st time)
  • Ripped apart (2nd time)
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Alexandra Gordon



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Demons and the Dogstar

We could be like sisters maybe even closer than sisters have ever been.
— Prycilla to Shelley [src]

Prycilla was the humanoid creation of Dr. Pryce and the sister-like/temporary host body of Shelley Godfrey.

Early LifeEdit

Prycilla was created by Dr. Johann Pryce inside of The Godfrey Institute due to Project Ouroboros through 20 long years. During those 20 years Prycilla had become more and more human, developing human emotions and even a soul.

Throughout The SeriesEdit


Prycilla is an extremely kind-hearted and trusting girl who looks past the outer appearance of people, and sees their inner beauty. She shares the same emotions as Shelley Godfrey due to Shelley's brain patterns being copied in her brain.


Prycilla is a female with long, wavy blonde hair and eyebrows. She also has bright blue eyes.


  • Shelley Godfrey: Shelley was Prycilla's other half. After Johann copied Shelley's brain patterns into Prycillas body, Shelley and Prycilla knew everything about each other including what the other was thinking and what they were going to say. Prycilla tried to convince Shelley not to go through with dying, trying to convince Shelley that she is beautiful in her own way, but Shelley determined to live a normal life and still went through with it. When Shelley was killed, Prycilla could not bear to watch, and while walking into a room, Prycilla found Olivia waiting for her and killed her. Shelley, however, was revived after finding out about Prycilla's death. Shelley became hysterical and went on a rampage until she was taken away.
  • Dr. Johann Pryce: Johann was the one that created Prycilla. At first he created Prycilla for various science awards, but after seeing how much he could help Shelley by giving her the body, he cancelled the project and killed Prycilla. Johanna then copied Shelley's mind into Prycilla's body and killed Shelley. However, after Prycilla was murdered by Olivia by the help of Norman, they were able to save Shelley's main body.
  • Olivia Godfrey: Because she was a copy of Shelley, Prycilla considered Olivia to be her mother even though they weren't related by blood. Prycilla was Olivia's cure for her cancer. At first, Olivia hesitated about killing her, but after getting her heart broken by Norman, she went through with killing her. While walking to her room, Prycilla met Olivia and said, "Hello darling". The next thing we see is Olivia drinking Prycilla's blood and guts before exiting the room.


  • Prycilla comes from the English name "Priscilla" which in Latin means "Ancient" or "archaic".
  • The variation in spelling Priscilla with a "y" comes from Dr. Pryce's last name, since she is his creation.



  • Just like Shelley, Prycilla has been killed twice:
    • Once by taken of life support until she was truly ready by Dr. Johann Pryce.
    • Another by being eaten alive by Olivia.
  • Prycilla and Shelley share the same voice in season 2.