Regenerative Healing
Function To heal rapidly from physical injuries.

Regenerative Healing is the ability to rapidly recover from most physical damage, usually with the exception of decapitation or similar severe dismemberments or damages to the body. Upir have the ability to fully recover from any injury in hours or less, with the exception of the heart, brain, or head being severely damaged, destroyed or severed, as well as being still vulnerable to pain, permanent damage, severe mutilations, especially to the heart and brain, and dismemberments. Werewolves have the possibly limited ability to use their transformations to immediately heal and regenerate from the most severe mutilations and dismemberments, with the exception of the head being mutilated, destroyed or severed, as well as the werewolf in question needing to be aware and able to initiate a transformation before succumbing to fatal injury. Vargulves share the werewolf ability to regenerate in seconds through a transformation, along with the weaknesses of the brain or head being severed or destroyed, as well as the transformations being involuntarily, allowing the vargulf to regenerate without having to be aware or able to initiate a transformation before death, as the body will transform automatically. Jarmungandr are able to survive any damage to their bodies, with their human skin being damaged while their true skin is not. While they are vulnerable to pain, physical damage and dismemberment, they can fully regenerate from such damage, seemingly in minutes. Their sulfur based bodies are vulnerable to the Upir toxin, as it has an extremely high concentration of nitrogen oxide that causes a robust reaction capable of incinerating them.

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Upirs have the ability to be immune to a physical injury that all humans and humanoids would be affected by. This ability also makes them immune at all diseases. Upir have the ability of completely healing in hours, such as gunshot of stabbing, unless it entails a wooden stake to their hearts or decapitation. Most creatures, usually those with demonic lineage, have been seen to seemingly resurrect themselves, though they may need rehabilitation, mental or physical, as what ever killed them was sufficient to cause long term damage, such as blood-lose being physically crippling for an Upir, as they can be rendered almost mortal to the point were they suffer from long term damage, even if blood is immediately applied. Such creatures were Upirs and Werewolves. Others who are brought back to life are reanimated creatures such as Shelley, who died twice and came back twice.

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