Shelley Godfrey
Shelley Godfrey
Biographical Information

1999 (age 16)


Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, United States of America


Student (at Hemlock Grove High School) (formerly)


Resurrected Half Upir


Alive (resurrected)

  • Unknown (1st time)
  • Euthanized (2nd time)
Killed By
Relationship Information
Character Information
Portrayed By

Nicole Boivin (season 1)

Niamh Wilson

Madeleine Martin (season 2, season 3)



First Appearance

Jellyfish in the Sky

Last Appearance

souls on ice

The river, The old cemetery looks over it, I used to go there after school, to sit, to read. It was the only place I could be alone. It's beautiful. It's perfect.
— Shelley to Johann [src]

Shelley Godfrey is the reanimated child of Olivia and J.R. Godfrey. She is a ressurected half Upir that maintains many demonic features, much as her mother had in her youth. Shelley is completely devoted to her brother, Roman Godfrey, as he is to her. Though she is mute in the first season, the voice in her mind with which she would often speak sounded like a smart, sophisticated woman. She also has strong intelligence shown through conversations with her Uncle Norman. However, Shelley does find her voice in the second season, which by the tone indicates that she is truly a child at heart. In Season 3 Shelly makes the biggest transition of her life during the most stressful. After being put into her mothers supervised care and forced to take drugs that she doesn't want, she escapes her Mother's clutches and takes refuge with a community of Hemlock Groves' homeless. In this community she discovers things about herself that she never thought she could experience, especially love.

Early lifeEdit

When Shelley was only a year old, she died of unexplained causes (possibly at the hands of Olivia). After J.R. found out that Pryce could reanimate people using one of his projects, J.R took Shelley's body to Pryce. Pryce's work was successful, however, not without some unforeseen consequences; Shelley became deformed and was given the ability of luminescence. One year later, J.R. emotionally disowned Shelley, calling her an abomination. On the night of J.R.'s death, with gun in hand, J.R. watched Shelley sleep in her crib, as she glowed and wheezed. Later that night, J.R. committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Throughout The SeriesEdit