Hey everyone. I'm sure you all know by now that this wiki has been without an active admin since last year, and there was an attempt at adopting it recently, and has since been successful. Myself and Foreverwitchy are the new admins here on the wiki and the first thing we need to do is start a task list of what needs fixing or changing, as well as getting some suggestions and feedback from the community.

1. Removing article comments. I think it would be a good idea to disable article commenting now that we have our very own forum for discussing the show.

2. Categorizing pages and images. We are going to need to organize our pages and images appropriately so everything will be easier to find. Categories also play a big part in finding the correct pages and images when you are on a mobile device and in need of quick access to a certain page. All image uploads should be categorized under Category:Images and subcategories as needed, such as Category:Character Images if the image is also of a character.

3. American English. Since the show is based in Pennsylvania, USA. I suggest that the written language used on articles be American English.

4. Page style standard. Currently there is no standard set in place, but following the page style of Roman Godfrey for character articles would be appropriate for now.

5. Naming images appropriately. There are many images on the wiki that currently don't have meaningful file names, and since only admins have the ability to rename images I will give myself the task of renaming them to a more appropriate file name. Since we are on the subject of the matter, I think it would be best to adopt the practice of giving potential uploaded images a meaningful name, something other than numbers and random letters.

Updates to follow.